Project 52

35/52: steamed milk in Chinatown.

I think you much prefer uncle Alistair's cafe (which we frequent very often when visiting the west side). But Matchstick recently opened shop in our hood... and they too make a pretty mean steamed milk.


Project 52

34/52: snacks at auntie's house

You love olives... especially these ones. And you love to eat them at auntie's house. And you love to sit on the side of the picnic table where the kitty is carved into it. Currently he is hiding under auntie's tablecloth, but you know he is there... hiding just to your right.


Project 52

33/52: summer in the okanagan

You swam. You slept in a beautiful rustic cabin. You ate peaches.  You played with grandmas kitties. You watched deer. You ran in circles. You ate pizza on the grass in a vineyard. You swam some more. You rode on a scenic boat tour of the lake. You cuddled with grandma. You played with your cousins and your auntie. You celebrated your third birthday. You rode on a steam train. You slept in a tent under grandma's walnut tree. You fed groundhogs. You collected peaches from Thorman. You swam some more. You played baseball in an orchard until the neighbor's enthusiasm made you cry... and then you made me carry you to all the bases.

One week every summer isn't long enough for this gorgeous place. You miss grandma already.

32/52 :: THREE

Project 52

32/52: happy birthday my sweet love.

Your papa and I would never go so far as to ban pink from your wardrobe, but we've had to make an effort to avoid its' potential takeover. Anyone who's ever been shopping for a young girl might know how difficult it is to find gifts or clothing in any other palette. For some reason, just saying the words "it's for a girl" is enough to be bombarded by glitter, princesses and pink, pink and more pink. Yes, it takes a major detour to avoid this shiny sparkly place!

So, when you spot auntie Lyndi's present wrapped in hot pink tissue paper, you go straight for it.... attracted like a moth to a light bulb. Amongst the piles of pink paper you discover a sparkly pink crown marked "Princess" and a matching shiny pink, feathery happy birthday wand. You love them! You immediately put the crown on your head and start circling the wand around yourself.

I cringe for a second, but even i find it difficult to not admit that it's sort of adorable. However, my secret moment of pride comes seconds later when you turn the crown upside down, pull it down over your face like a mask and yell, "This wand shoots FIRE!!!"

That's my girl! :)

You are such a very clever, feisty, independent, charming, creative and entertaining little 3 year old.

You melt my heart. I love you so.


More favorites from her peachy-sunny-Okanagan-sort-of-girly third birthday party:

Thank you Auntie Ella for creating this beautiful birthday cake. If you hadn't saved the day by making the top half, I would have used the stale whole wheat flour throughout... and then the whole thing would have tasted like day-old muffins!

Mother + Daughter Studio Portrait Session / Vancouver Portrait Photographer



When Jen contacted me to do a portrait session in studio of her and her mother, I learned that Jen's mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and that Jen was helping her make her way through a bucket list of activities that they had created together. A photo shoot was one item on their list and i was more than honored to help them with this.

Sonia Leal-Serafim at They Rep agency pampered the two with hair+makeup prior to our short and sweet session at Sugar Studios. We all had a lovely time together. We laughed a lot. I hope these photographs make them smile. I hope they can cherish them always.

I take hundreds of photographs of my daughter every week and i love having those. But i do appreciate the images i have of her and i together. There aren't many, but she is young and i will try to manage a photo session with her (by a professional) every year at least! I wish i had more images of my mother and i together when i was young and i hope that Astird will treasure ours. Our last photo session was in April with our talented friend Sherri Koop. It's framed and hanging in our home. I love it and am so thankful for it.

Happy mid-week everyone. Enjoy your family!

31/52 ⚓

Project 52

31/52: Your first time sailing!

We sailed all day in the gorgeous sun with Yaya and Granny on their boat 'Aurora' and then anchored in Montague Bay off Galiano Island for a lovely dinner and an evening under the endless stars. In the morning, we rowed ashore with Papa to walk the beach where you discovered several little seaside creatures. I have to admit it made me a little nervous to see you so confident on deck. I'd say you are a natural little skipper!


Project 52

'A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2014'

29/52: Mornings with you are the BEST! Really, they truly are my favorite time. You are a very good little sleeper and you like to wake slowly with lots of cuddles and giggles. Sometimes our bed gets a little overcrowded with your "friends". I prefer to limit it to only one friend per night, but you usually like to have three... one for you, one for mama and one for papa.



Project 52

'A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2014'

28/52: The weather has been calling for it. It is a favorite place for you to lounge in the heat. You napped in one (baby size) until you were almost a year old and you fondly referred to it as a "hackom" while vacationing in Jamaica last year.



Project 52

'A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2014'

27/52: the range of emotions you can go through in less than sixty seconds is astonishing! There is never a dull moment in our house these days.