32/52 :: THREE

Project 52

32/52: happy birthday my sweet love.

Your papa and I would never go so far as to ban pink from your wardrobe, but we've had to make an effort to avoid its' potential takeover. Anyone who's ever been shopping for a young girl might know how difficult it is to find gifts or clothing in any other palette. For some reason, just saying the words "it's for a girl" is enough to be bombarded by glitter, princesses and pink, pink and more pink. Yes, it takes a major detour to avoid this shiny sparkly place!

So, when you spot auntie Lyndi's present wrapped in hot pink tissue paper, you go straight for it.... attracted like a moth to a light bulb. Amongst the piles of pink paper you discover a sparkly pink crown marked "Princess" and a matching shiny pink, feathery happy birthday wand. You love them! You immediately put the crown on your head and start circling the wand around yourself.

I cringe for a second, but even i find it difficult to not admit that it's sort of adorable. However, my secret moment of pride comes seconds later when you turn the crown upside down, pull it down over your face like a mask and yell, "This wand shoots FIRE!!!"

That's my girl! :)

You are such a very clever, feisty, independent, charming, creative and entertaining little 3 year old.

You melt my heart. I love you so.


More favorites from her peachy-sunny-Okanagan-sort-of-girly third birthday party:

Thank you Auntie Ella for creating this beautiful birthday cake. If you hadn't saved the day by making the top half, I would have used the stale whole wheat flour throughout... and then the whole thing would have tasted like day-old muffins!