Erin Cebula: BIG LOVE BALL Project / Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer


How exciting to photograph the beautiful Erin Cebula of Entertainment Tonight Canada for the Big Love Ball Photography Project! We caught up with Erin on the sea wall in Olympic Village for a few portraits of her with her gorgeous blue cruiser (Justice)... and of course a few Love Balls.

The Big Love Ball Photography Project is an invitation to share a moment of art-felt connection through play with the intention of creating a universal family portrait. I have been involved with this project since it's onset when i did a little promo video and fashion shoot for them last year. Wendy Williams-Watt is a Canadian designer and Big Love Ball creator. She is an incredible talent... a gifted soul i have the honor and pleasure of working and collaborating with for several years now. Her mind is constantly filled with brilliant ideas and projects. When she speaks, i'm usually smart to just shut up and listen.

HERE is another Big Love Ball shoot i recently did with Wendy... featuring my most favorite subject:)

And some of our other collaborations can seen HERE and HERE.

Get involved by visiting Big Love Ball. Or, purchase your own Love Ball in a variety of sizes from their shop.