Project 52


'A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2013'

52/52 - I can't believe this is my last "52" portrait of the year. I've been questioning whether or not i will keep it up into 2014 and i think i will. I would like to. I still feel that if i cannot make the time for one portrait a week of my own child, then i need to re-evaluate my time and priorities.

There were many weeks in this last year when i'd literally have hundreds of images to choose from... and yet other weeks when i'd quickly snap a picture on my iphone just moments before bedtime on my last night of the week. Still, i managed to do it... get at least one portrait of her every week. When i look back at them, they are a visual journal... a photographer's daughter's baby book (if you will). While the writing is sparse, I remember her vividly in every image and i know I will cherish this collection always.