Dirty Pretty Places (and Machotaildrop)

A year ago, my beau James went to Budapest to shoot a movie called MACHOTAILDROP – a film James describes  as a surrealist adventure comedy. I’ll say it’s a quirky skateboarding movie with not a lot of actual skateboarding, but a fun film nonetheless... displaying great style, production design and featuring a fantastic soundtrack. It’s a weird little film that I highly recommend checking it out if you get the chance. For those out east, I hope you were able to catch it earlier this month when it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

For more info visit here.

I traveled to Budapest, not just to visit James but to shoot some still photographs for the film… mostly behind the scenes stuff. When I arrived the crew were shooting nights, so my 2 weeks in Budapest were spent sleeping all day and working all night. I guess it’s not surprising then that my feeling of this city is that of a dark, moody, creepy and beautiful place… dirty and pretty. I’d  love to go back one day to experience it during the daytime, but I'll always love its first impression on me:



And some behind the scene photos from the film MACHOTAILDROP:

MACHOTAILDROP is written & directed by Corey Adams & Alex Craig

producers: Oliver Linsley & Jared Valentine

dp: James Liston, Craig Trudeau and Peter Hagge

production designer: Jeffro Halliday