Behind the Scenes of a Wedluxe Editorial

Well, the magazine's been out now for months! But i wanted to post the fashion editorial we did for Wedluxe Magazine's Spring 09 issue. I just love photographing this stuff! I feel so in my element pulling these kinds of fashion shoots together. From casting the talent and pulling together a great team of talented people to handing over the final retouched images and finally seeing them in print.... I find the entire process so fulfilling!
Also, I get to work with my friends! A nice perk;)

Photography by Leanne Pedersen
Photo Production Assistant: Rachelle Simoneau
Photo Assistants: James Liston (my lovely beau;) and Mark Brenham
Makeup, Hair and Styling: Sam Jocelyn
Makeup + Hair Assistant: June Jocelyn
Model: Crystal from JC
Also on set that day, representing Wedluxe Magazine, was Angela Desveaux (Editor-in-Chief), Carolyn Clarke and Bruce Patterson of Cloud Nine Creative.

And let's not forget all the boys at The Canadian Museum of Flight. Thanks for your hospitality and letting us use your beautiful airplane!!


I thought it might also be fun to include a few of the images we gathered from Behind the Scenes!

Here are Sam and June prepping the gorgeous Crystal:

We do many, many, many camera and lighting tests throughout the make sure we get it right:

And Rachelle, making sure to capture a few self portraits...cute:

That's me, showing Crystal how it's done..ha ha!

Angela and Carolyn taking a break while Bruce finds an interesting angle:

Mark and James gathering props from the museum:

Sam gets down to work again with yet another makeup and wardrobe change. Her and June worked fast that day, producing 7 incredible looks for us before the sun went down:

Sometimes it just looks better from down there:)...and June making some final adjustments:

The boys from the Canadian Museum of Flight along with security from Birks...guarding all the beautiful (and expensive) jewlery:

Mark helps block some flare while Rachelle gives a thumbs up:)

We needed all hands on deck to move the plane around as the light changed.... Angela is supervising;)

James is pretending to check the light...but really I think he's just trying to have his photo taken with our supermodel;) ...who btw, in high heals stands almost eye level with him... and James is 6'6"!