a WPPI Christmas gift

Christmas came twice for me this year! Beyond having a fabulously relaxing winter break in Whister....(and receiving a beautiful new Coach handbag from my lovely beau James;)... later this week I received in the mail a box of shiny little plaques with ribbons as awards for my images which received honors in the WPPI 8x10 Print Awards last month. How very exciting! It was a first time for me entering into this international competition, so I feel pretty honored to have walked away with Accolades of Excellence Awards for six of my images.

To view the six images awarded click here or scroll down to my Dec15th entry. 

Here is the Press Release that accompanied these awards:
"Leanne Pedersen Wins Six Accolades of Excellence in the 2007 8x10 Second Half Print Competition!!

Leanne Pedersen of Vancouver, Canada has received special honors in the WEDDING & PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS INTERNATIONAL 2007 8x10 Second Half Print Competition. Designed to recognize outstanding professional photographers, the event was held in Santa Monica, CA on November 7-8, 2007.

Pedersen Competed against photographers from all over the world to win such honors.

The WEDDING & PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS INTERNATIONAL 8x10 Print Competitions are advancing the art of professional photography. The International Prints of the Year awards are presented each year at the largest trade show, educational platform and convention in the USA for professional photographers. The 2007 8x10 competitions included 2700 print entries in 20 different categories by photographers from all over the world.

For more information, visit www.wppionline.com/competition."