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I live in Vancouver Canada with my husband David. We have grown twin boys and a dog named Bell.

I was born and raised in the busy district of Tokyo, growing up in an environment where my parents worked as a husband-and-wife team running a small optical shop. My parents taught me to be humble yet precise and the importance of being sensitive to a customer's concerns.

Upon moving to Canada in 1988, I pursued my study in visual arts. I met my husband while studying photography and it was a natural progression for me to start my career as a photographer with the help of my husband who was already running a fashion commercial studio at that time. I love the lifestyle that running a husband-and-wife studio provides us and I appreciate all the friendships we have built and the trust we have established with our commercial clients over the years.

I have always loved photographing weddings and people in love. But with such a busy career in commercial photography, I never felt I had the time to start up my own wedding photography business. So joining Leanne's team in 2004 was another natural progression.

I have spent many years developing my style as an artist and feel my strengths as a wedding photographer are in my deep respect for tradition and my ability in being able to remain calm during stressful situations and keeping the mood relaxed. That said, I am also very technical and strive for accomplished precision in my imagery.

I love to relax and be surrounded by beautiful scenery... which makes living in Vancouver very easy for me. Gardening and lying in the sun are my happy place. I believe in savoring moments like enjoying someone’s company or a good bottle of wine. I try to be present in life... all of the time.

I love to be witness to moments I know won’t last very long such as cherry blossoms in the spring or a couple kissing in the street. Wedding photography enables me to document these small passions and this is pure joy for me!